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Summer 2019

General / 23 June 2019

Hi guys this is my first blog post, and I got somethings to show you.

I just finished my first year at Playgroundsquad in Falun.
During this school year, I have learned how to do 3D modeling, texturing, animation etc
I did not have any real experience and knowledge about 3D workflow beforehand.
Before PSQ I went to school in Oslo, there I was drawing and painting at a 2 year illustration course.

Here is a little Mushroom creature on my spare time this past weeks.

First game project: Mountain brawl

On our first game project I got to work on the dwarf body model,animation rig and painting the VFX.
Did the textures for the dwarf body and I made all the beards, and some of the animations like the walk cycle.
I even got to make two of the hammers at the end of the project when I was done with the character.
My favorite hammer is the Candy cane one.

Second Game project Crit out:

During the second game project, I did parts of the concept art for the hoverbike and character.
Main work I did during the project, were modeling the hoverbike rider and texture work on both hoverbike and rider.
Other things I did was UI and parts of the visual effects.
After the player models were done and textures I mostly helped out on what was needed.
So got to do UI, effects and some environment props.